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Emerging Leaders — eSports Webinar

Our co-founder, Hai Ng, will be joining Brett Abarbanel, Head, Social & Recreational Gambling Research at UCLA, and Seth Schoor, Chairman of the Downtown Grand in Las Vegas, as speakers in The Innovation Group's Emerging Leaders series of Webinars.

The eSports industry is rapidly evolving and intersecting with casino gaming. During a one-hour video webinar, gain a high-level overview of the evolving eSports industry, including: Top games played; Growth of the industry; Size and scale of various eSports events, and further, understand the opportunities the nascent industry is providing to the gaming industry from both an operational and a betting perspective.


Emerging Leaders of Gaming has established itself as the go-to network for young professionals assuming the next generation of leadership in gaming, entertainment, hospitality, food and beverage, tourism, and leisure. We continue to support the growth and development of these rising stars as they achieve their fast-track to success, destined to fill tomorrow's senior-level and C-suite management positions.

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