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Neomancer to Host VR Theater and Talk at Capalbio International Film Festival

23rd Capalbio International Film Festival Poster

Neomancer has been invited to speak on filmmaking in Virtual Reality and host the VR Theater at the 23rd Annual Capalbio International Film Festival.

Working together with OSVR, the Open Source Virtual Reality industry organization, and Razer, Neomancer will be putting together the VR theater for the festival, featuring a selection of award-winning VR films including "I, Philip" by Okio-Studio and"Fabulous" by National Theatre, 59 Productions, and Play Nicely.

The VR theater will be powered by the OSVR HDK connected to high-performance Razer Edition Lenovo Y series gaming systems and Razer Blade gaming laptops.

In addition to the theatre, which will be open to all attendees throughout the festival, Neomancer co-founder, Hai Ng, will be presenting a talk on filmmaking and VR technology.

The talk and theatre rounds out this year's festival theme, "Man After Machine: The Cyber Age," which looks at how technology has and will continue change the stories and how we tell them.

The festival will also feature special guest, Colin Trevorrow, director of Jurassic World and the upcoming Star Wars: Episode IX.

About the Festival

Created in 1994 with Michelangelo Antonioni as godfather, the festival has told over 23 years and through thousands of short films the complex and intricated story of our changing cultures from all over the globe. Growing into a hub of young talents, who are offered a platform to show their first works, Capalbio Cinema screens the best of the world short film production. Its ambition is to affirm a position as a creative accelerator, industry meeting location and training initiatives.

The festival is made in collaboration with the Fondazione Sistema Toscana and is supported by the Italian Ministry of Culture and the Region of Tuscany. It also has the patronage of the Anica and all the main professional unions.

It has also recently established an exceptional new collaboration with the Sundance Institute, founded alongside the Sundance Festival by Robert Redford to help young authors strengthen their projects. The Sundance Institute has chosen Capalbio Cinema as partner and Capalbio as a location to offer the European exclusivity of their famous Screenwriters Workshop.

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