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Our focus…

At Neomancer, we work hard to stay agile over many industry specializations, bringing the experiences from one to solve the challenges of another.


In spite of the comfort we have working across the traditional boundaries in industry classifications, we do, from time-to-time, focus on specific areas of interest that are synergy-forming.


Here are a few things we are focusing on now:

…at the intersections

Our experience over diverse industries and markets arms us with the unique ability to thrive at intersections—where one industry meets another—creating new opportunities.


From gamification of processes (process meets game design), to data-driven marketing (marketing meets big data meet data analysis meets data visualization), to integrating eSports with iGaming and integrated resorts, these are just some of the intersections we're advising our clients on.

…in eSports   

As eSports continues on its rapid growth towards a global phenomenon, Neomancer is joining forces with Catalyst eSports Solutions to cultivate opportunities for brands to engage with the young, vibrant demographic of this fast-growing market.

Efficient and productive integration is key; we're not just looking to drop eSports into another business, but rather merge eSports into a strategy that will enhance both eSports and the partner industry.

To that end, with our experience in both worlds of gaming, we're bringing eSports to integrated resorts and race tracks; and with our experience with governments and communities, we'll focus on bringing recognition and further structure to eSports at the national and grassroot levels.

…in iGaming   

With over a decade of experience working within the regulated industry of online and interactive gambling, we are able to effectively apply our out-of-the-box thinking to solve the challenges our clients face.


The services we offer range from strategy to security to operations and management, looking from the role of technology, and the innovative approaches of applying technology to better solve challenges faced by the industry—same tool; different outcome.


It is with that attitude that we successfully ran the first pitch-competition for the horse racing industry, Innovators' Circle, helping to catapult several innovative companies and their concepts in a difficult market facing decline and an aging demographic.


We were one of the first to identify Daily Fantasy Sports and the potential it had in the industry; now we're working to integrate eSports into both brick-and-mortar resorts and online businesses to bring a whole new generation and customer to the industry.

…in emergent technologies   

Whether it is social media or the re-emergence of Virtual Reality, our experience working with the technology, communication, media, and entertainment industries put us in a unique position to formulate productive solutions that deliver tangible results; capitalizing on the unique synergies found at this intersection.

Working with equipment manufacturers, developers, content creators, distribution channels, and consumers, our ability to cover an emergent technology end-to-end delivers a big-picture perspective that not only brings about effective use but the ability to convert, engage, and ultimately move the needle forward.

Emergent Tech
…in technology strategy   

Having a sustainable and manageable technology strategy is a major factor in business today. Whether you have an entire tech department, or if you see technology as only a necessary evil, we can be there to craft the right strategy to address your needs and grow with your business.


Case in point: over the years, we have introduced cost-saving technology and strategies used by startups to the world of Hollywood film production, saving our clients thousands of dollars each month on technology and communications.


Our extensive experience with technology allows us to mould it, so we don't have to mould your business to suit the technology, we tailor to fit.


Perhaps more importantly, we are able to communicate effectively with both management and tech, bridging a very common but debilitating chasm that exists in many organizations.

Tech Strategy
…around the world   

As immigrants from halfway around the world, we support and encourage international trade and help businesses take advantage of the opportunities available outside their geographical comfort zone. On the technology front, we have involved ourselves in significant i18n and l10n efforts since the nineties.


On the strategic side, we frequently evaluate and advise companies and governments on the technological landscape and the strategic opportunities that await.


We have a special focus on Singapore and the neighboring Southeast Asian region, working with the Singapore Economic Development Board and International Enterprise Singapore to develop opportunities for our clients and partners. Through these collaborations our North American clients have been able to extend their business reach into Asia through the modern and efficient infrastructure in Singapore.


We would love to explore international opportunities with you.

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